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All of our services are focused around meeting & exceeding your franchise convention goals.  We energize, engage, and enhance every event during the multi-day convention. We are a part of your team. MONTHS in advance, we help plan, we help with the creativity, we help with the themes, we help with the music & ambience. At the end of your convention, the franchisor will look great, the suppliers feel appreciated, and the franchisees can't wait til the next one!

PRODUCER - Scott Branston

This is our unique offering. Your Convention will come with its own producer & sound guru to work side by side with the MC and the in-house A/V Crew. We are your liason!

  • DJ/Sound design guru for entire event.

  • Works directly with onsite A/V team to insure smooth transitions. Your personal liason!

  • Themed music for all different events within convention.

  • Sound bumps throughout to enhance engagement

  • Special FX & Intro/ Outro music for speakers & awards

  • Big intro music to build & SUSTAIN excitement.


FRONTMAN - Troy McVicker

The MC/Event Host/ Engagement Specialist is the key to our success with each convention we do. 

  • FUNERGIZED Master of Ceremonies

  • Big Intros to build excitement (CEO, keynote speaker, sponsors, special guests, entertainment)

  • Fun skits and song re-writes to entertain, wake up, energize the troops. 

  • Frees YOU up to focus on your message

  • Bridge the gaps in the program with energized transitions

  • Interactive Game Host & Ice Breakers

  • Dress the part for themed parties!

  • Help with flow, direction, & housekeeping

  • Warms up the room to allow for better presentation

  • Pre-convention ideas for franchisor & supplier

  • Help with supplier sponsored events - music, games, FUN. Vendor liason!

  • Custom "Thank You" notes to end your convention

Pricing & Packages
Single Day or Multi-Day conventions - Call for pricing
Daily Charge + Travel (Air, Room, Travel time)

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