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We know the Franchise & Association Convention world


Franchise Testimonials

"Having a professional emcee can make or break an event or conference. An effective emcee adds energy, humor, and becomes the thread that ties all of the sessions together. Troy is a phenomenal emcee and did a masterful job at the Alphagraphics Conference... I highly recommend him!"

Alan Stein, Jr. (Keynote Speaker)

We are asked back YEAR after YEAR!

  • We provide relief to leadership & HQ team so they can maintain professionalism & focus on the message and their franchisees.

  • We are there from the beginning opening ceremony to the ending gala & award night. This provides consistent engagement with the franchisees.

  • Because we are there throughout, we pay attention every step of the way and really get to know the franchisees so we can have custom interaction! This is my favorite part, because after a couple years, many franchisees become good friends! 

  • We eNgage and bridge the gaps with FUNERGY!

  • We help improve every Keynote, Speaker, Award Ceremony, etc with amazing intros, music, sound bumps, professionalism, and COMEDY! 

  • Help increase attendance year over year. Attendees actually call us to make sure we are going to be there! 

  • Provide suppliers & vendors with maximum visibility and assistance for their "sponsored" events. 

  • Multiple roles throughout  from Emcee to Roving reporter, to Karaoke host, to Gameshow host, to Awards ceremony host, to background music in multiple rooms. We are there to help wherever needed. 


People call Troy the "Funergizer" & "Life if the party" or even "The In-Between". Troy has spent the last 30 years improving events by engaging, highlighting others, and bridging gaps with maximum energy and tons of laughs. At a very young age, all Troy wanted to do was help people smile & laugh and has found the perfect outlet to do this! We have found a very cool space for success in the franchise world where we specialize in multi-day Conventions. We "GET" the franchise industry and the goals of the franchisors. Here is how we help ensure franchise conventions are done well... Most Franchises don't even know they need us until we are there! The Franchisees are entertained, engaged, and their convention experience is off the charts. Ask us about our introductory offer to prove the VALUE we know we will bring!


We have more than 30 years experience in the Emcee space with multiple awards.  With our unique & engaging approach and unparalleled execution, your franchisees and suppliers will be engaged, craving more, and looking forward to the next convention!


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